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Based out of Colorado, we're North America's #1 and BEST West African Senegalese food truck and catering company. We proudly sell our original Colorado Proud Habanero Hot Sauce "SAVAGE", the BEST and only FDA approved West African hot sauce on the US market!

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Check out our one of a kind West African style hot sauce!

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Meet Chef D, Executive Chef and Owner of the Pikine Grill Express

The Pikine Grill Food Truck and Catering Company is located in beautiful and sunny Denver Colorado! Chef David Diop has been serving up the BEST Senegalese cuisine since 2015 and has worked hard to introduce the highest quality and most delicious Senegalese food to Coloradans ever since.

The Evolution of Pikine Grill

Since opening in 2015, the Pikine Grill has evolved from a pop up tent vendor at local farmers markets throughout the Denver Metro area, to our first food truck which was originally a FedEx delivery vehicle, then into a remodeled trailer, and finally into Chef David’s custom built state of the art Pikine Grill Express Food Truck. With a lot of prayer, hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Pikine Grill Express continues to provide high restaurant quality Senegalese West African food. Now, the Pikine Grill has expanded into large scale event catering and has developed our own hot sauce that is now available online and in several stores, with more to come!