1. BBQ CHICKEN BROCHETTE COMBO - 1 Grilled BBQ Chicken Brochette Skewer, fries, jollof rice, and mixed green salad - $18.00


2. CHICKEN BROCHETTE COMBO - 1 Grilled Chicken Brochette Skewer, fries, jollof rice, and mixed green salad - $18.00


3. YASSA BURGER COMBO - Grilled Sirloin 100% Beef Burger, and fries- $16.00


4. JOLLOF WINGS COMBO - Six (6) Fried Crispy Habanero Chicken Wings, fries, and a mixed green salad - $18.00


5. GYROS COMBO (Chicken or Lamb) - Authentic Lamb Meat with caramelized onion, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and Chef D's special sauce inside a soft pita wrap - $17.00


6. DIBI (LAMB) COMB0 - Chef David's signature Grilled Lamb, served with fries, plantains, and mixed green salad. - $25



1. THIEBOUDIENNE CHEF SIGNATURE BOWL - Senegalese Rice and Fish with seasonal root vegetables - $25


2. MAFÉ CHEF SIGNATURE BOWL (Lamb) - Fork tender lamb in a rich and decadent tomato based ground peanut stew with carrots, cabbage, and potatoes served over fluffy white rice - $20.00


3. YASSA CHEF SIGNATURE BOWL (Fish, Vegetarian, Chicken ROTATES) - Grilled Chicken or Fish in a rich and flavorful lemon onion sauce served over fluffy white rice. - $20.00


3. JE NE SAIS QUOI CHEF SIGNATURE BOWL (Shrimp) - Juicy tender shrimp in a rich and flavorful onion sauce with a West African pepper spice blend served over fluffy white rice. - $20.00


4. WEST AFRICAN GUMBO (SOUP KANJA) CHEF SIGNATURE BOWL - Juicy tender shrimp, smoked turkey, crab legs, beef sausage in a rich tomato based okra sauce with a special West African Spice blend, served over white rice or fufu (special request).



1. JOLLOF RICE - West African Senegalese Fried Rice (vegetarian) - $10


2. FATAYA (BEEF) - Flaky fried savory empanada with tender ground beef with herbs and West African Spices. - $8 (2 pieces)


3. GRILLED CORN (available seasonly) - 1 Grilled Corn on the Cobb - $8



4. FRIES (REGULAR) - Seasoned Crispy Fries - $5


5. FRIES (SWEET POTATO) - Seasoned Crispy Sweet Potato Fries - $5


6. PLANTAINS - Fried tender and sweet plantains - $7




BISSAP - Chef David's Signature Chilled and Sweetened Hibiscus Tea - $6

TROPICAL GINGER LEMONADE - Chef David's Signature Ginger Lemonade with honey, brown sugar, and pineapple - $6


Disclosure: Food items and prices may change at any given time based on market fluctuation and product availability.